Our hotel has a spacious inside and outside living area for your dog; the inside kennels are heated. Dogs are exercised regularly, either individually or together with other dogs.

A dog is a pack animal, which is why we put as many dogs together as we can. Of course, that depends on your dog and the degree to which it “clicks” with the other dogs that are in the hotel.

Your dog is in strange surroundings and so needs more personal attention. We give your pet a great deal of attention during exercise, eating, care and playtime with a toy or a ball. Your dog will quickly feel at home.

Food and Care
In our hotel we feed the dogs with “Diana” dry food. Our experience has taught us that dogs take this food well and also digest it well. If your dog eats puppy, mature or diet food, we ask you to bring this with you.

All dogs are brushed during their moulting period. Long-haired dogs are brushed every two or three days so as to prevent matts as much as possible.

At the end of your dog’s stay in our hotel, if you wish, we can wash and dry your dog so he/she can return home fresh. If you would like us to do this, kindly let us know when you make your booking.

These two has just being good outside. In our sleeping area the dogs get all the rest they need.

In our Hotel it is obligatory that each dog is fully vaccinated; kennel cough included. The validity of the kennel cough vaccination Nobivac KC in our pension is one year.

The validity of the kennel cough vaccination Pneumodog is also one year.

This is a non-standard vaccination, please ask your Vet for this vaccination. Vaccinations must be given a minimum of fourteen days prior to a stay in our hotel, unless your dogs vaccinations are older then 1 year the vaccinations must be given a minimum of one month prior to a stay in our hotel.

Note: If there is an outbreak of Kennel Cough, owners of infected pet(s) will be

          responsible for Vet's fees from his own pet(s).

Additionally, your dog must be protected against fleas and ticks. We recommend you arrange flea treatment with your veterinarian for the best result. A flea collar alone is not sufficient. Your dog must also be protected against worms.

Please bring the vaccination book or pet passport with you each time your dog
comes to stay with us. We are then able to look at your dog’s details at any time. We will return the vaccination book to you when you pick up your dog. If your dog takes medicine we will ensure it is administered to him/her. We request you bring along sufficient medicine, preferably in the original packaging or in a small sealable container, together with the accompanying instruction leaflet.