Our hotel has two spacious inside and outside areas for cats. The inside areas are heated. The cats have plenty of freedom and can roam inside or outside at their leisure. There is a variety of play, rest and climbing facilities and there are scratching posts both inside and outside to amuse your cat.

The cats get plenty of personal attention: they are picked up, brushed and stroked. Most importantly, during the first few days we give them extra attention so they feel at home quickly.

Food and Care

We feed the cats “Whiskas” dry food and also Whiskas canned food in several varieties. The food is filled up twice a day so your cat can eat whenever he or she wants. If your cat needs special food such as kitten, mature or diet food, we ask you to bring this with you.

The cats are brushed regularly, cats with long hair more often, to prevent matts.

Sleeping nicely together... The cats outside living area.


It is obligatory in our hotel that your cat is vaccinated yearly against cat sickness (kattenziekte). Concerning cat flu (niesziekte), it is a requirement of our hotel that the vaccination is not more than eight months old.

Note: If there is an outbreak of Cat 'Flu, owners of infected pet(s) will be responsible

          for Vet's fees from his own pet(s).

Vaccinations must be given a minimum of fourteen days prior to a stay in our pension. Additionally, your cat must be protected against fleas and ticks. We recommend you arrange flea treatment with your veterinarian for the best results. A flea collar alone is not sufficient. Your cat must also be protected against worms.

Please bring the vaccination book or pet passport with you each time your cat
comes to stay with us. It will remain at our hotel for the duration of your cat’s stay. We are then able to look at your cat’s details at any time. We will return the vaccination book to you when you pick up your cat.

If your cat takes medicine we will ensure it is administered to him/her. We request you bring it along together with the accompanying instruction leaflet.

If your cat is convalescing or needs to rest for any other reason, then we can separate your cat from the other cats in a specially arranged infirmary. Your cat then has plenty of opportunity to recover completely.